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Pre-Engineering Program				Portfolio - Thomas Lappin

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2017-2018 Pre-Engineering Program

Absolute C++	Computer Science (CSC) 101: Fluencey with information technology and computing, 3 credits.

Development of fluencey in Information Technology (IT) for prductive use, designed to complement the students areas of study. 
The relevence of IT and computing in daily life, emphasized through collaborative learning about such tools as image 
representatio, high definition video transmission, digital voloe encoding, MP3 files, identity protection for online 
shopping, data security in social networks, robotics, game and animation creation, virtual worlds, introduction to
programming using non-traditional, intuitive programing enviorments such as smart phones and LEGO Mindstorms.

creo.jpg	Engineering (EGR) 165: Computer aided Design, 3 credits.

The goal of this course is to familiarieze engineering students with fundamental principals of computer aided design 
and preform basic engineering analysis, such as stress and deflection usinf modeling and parametric design using 
Fluency 7 textbook	Computer science (CSC) 175: Problem solving and programming 1, 4 credits. 
This course introduces students to the structured programing language C++ which is essential for engineering
applications and problem solving. Programming language concepts, arrays, structures, and subprograms will be included.

Intro to Engineering Textbook	Engineering (EGR) 102:Introduction to Engineering, 3 credits.	
This course introduces students to various enineering disciplines, and common engineering science foundations of all branches, teaming
ethics, and communnication. Fundimental principles of various engineering disciplines 
will be taught using one central problem from each discipline.