Welcome to Wasia's Home Page
A little about myself; My name is Wasia Siddiqui and I was born in Hyderabad, India. I came to the United States to pursue further studies. I am currently a junior and my major is Health Sciences
. I want to become a Physician Assistant and specialize in surgery. This is my home page and you can also email me at    

                                                         These are a few of my favorite things....

I am a cat person and I strongly believe that cats make the best pets because they are low maintenance and give the best snuggles.
I do not have a sweet tooth but the only dessert i will never say 'no' to is ice-cream.
And, last thing is road trips. I love going on random road trips and it feels so relaxing. I have a lot of family in Chicago, often I just drive to Chicago

cats                                               icecream                                              roadtrip

I also created a page where I talk about my favorite online shopping website. Click here to go to page.

Date Created: 21st March, 2020
Date Revised: 29th March, 2020