Ramesh Nadavati

Data Engineer,
University of Michigan CU,
Teaching and Research Assistant,
University of Michigan, Flint

504 Thomson St,
Flint, MI 48503,
Phone: (810)493-8339,
Email: rnadavat@umich.edu


Plan ↔ Research ↔ Build

I'm a full stack web and app developer at the University of Michigan Credit Union, as well as masters student in Computer Science and Information System at the University of Michigan. You'll find me involved in product research, prototype design and development, and Data analysis. My research interests are AI, ML, and BigData. I am constantly exploring ways to use these technologies to create better living community.

I work on multiple projects at work and I always try to find a way to make things better. I wouldn't say I am perfect but so far never had any issue in solving problems. I'm always curious about prediction algorithms, and how AI, ML and BigData can help solve the problems in financial, agriculture, entertainment and medical industry.

Advantage of me is that, positive attitude and be willing and able to work diligently without supervision. Easygoing and Honest.

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