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2017-2018 Pre-Engineering Program

Computer Science (CSC) 101: Fluency with Information Technology and Computing, 3 credits.

This course covers the topics to facilitate fluency with Information Technology (IT). The National Research Council (NRC) defines fluency in IT as the ability to acquire a lifelong learning process so as to persistently and continuously adapt to change and obtain more knowledge to make effective use of IT for work and leisure.

Engineering (EGR) 165: Computer Aided Design, 3 credits.

The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop increased knowledge and proficiency in the use of computerized solid modeling techniques. Students taking this course should be able to develop parts, assemblies and related engineering drawings. It involves parametric solid modeling using the software Creo 4.0.

Computer Science (CSC) 175: Problem Solving and Programming I, 4 credits.

This course introduces students...

Engineering (EGR) 102: Introduction to Engineering, 3 credits.

This course introduces students to...