E-mailing me...
Who am I???

Due to a recent dramatic increase in spam e-mail to my account, I've decided to remove all the "e-mail to" links from my web page to make it harder for spamers to find me. If you would like to e-mail me (other than spam - Note: I consider most "link requests" spam), please type my e-mail address in directly (but replace "_(at)_" with just the @ symbol):



P.S. I get a LOT of e-mail related to my job, so I will admit that I am very bad about responding to "non-urgent" and unexpected e-mails, so you may not get a response from me right away (or at all if it gets lost in a flurry of work e-mails). Please Note: I NORMALLY COMPLETELY IGNORE LINK REQUESTS (I consider my webpage links exist primarily for my use, I'm not here to advertise for other pages), if you send me a link request, chances are I will ignore it.