The Michaela Web Page

My name is Michaela and I am a freshman in the Honors Program here at UM Flint. My favorite place to be is up north. I am a very dedicated student and I always take spring and summer classes, so you will often find me studying on the beach! I am on the pre-dental track, with a biology major and a chemistry minor. I plan to attend dental school, and then specialize in orthodontics. My career goal is to have my own practice as an orthodontist. I have a great passion for dentistry; I have been working in a dental office since my sophomore year of high school! However, the patients with braces are the highlight of my days at work; I love seeing the progress in the development of their new smile. This is why I am choosing to specialize in the field.



Outside of school, I love to watch movies and go to hockey games. I also love candy which is very ironic with my career goals! Further, I adore all things French! I studied the subject for five years and had the opportunity to travel to France with my classmates. It was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life!


I am proud to be a UM Flint student. Go Blue!