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I am currently a junior at University of Michigan-Flint, majoring in Human Biology. My plan is to finish getting my bachelor's and then attending PA school and hopefully obtain my career as being a Physician's Assistant. I do live at home still, mainly the reason being is I love my dog, Bella, way too much and it would be too hard to part with her.

I currently work at Rite Aid pharmacy, as a pharmacy technician and I am doing so to obtain clinical hours to be able to apply to PA school. I do love it and I think it will help me out greatly with learning all of the different types of medication and going on to be a PA I think that I will have a head start when prescribing medication and also will know what common errors to avoid since I have been on the other side of receiving a script.

One of my favorite things to go do is visit New York City, it is my favorite place to go and I hope one day I can reside there and have my life there. I love the city life and feel and New York definitely has a lot of culture and different things to go and do. You can never be bored there and that is something I crave - excitement. It is well and alive all through the day and night.

Date Created:March 16th, 2019
Date Revised:March 26th, 2019