mission statement


The mission of Urban Renaissance Center is to support the socioeconomic empowerment, civic engagement, and holistic wellness of urban children, youth, and families.

The Center’s primary purpose is to provide social services, education, and training that improves and preserves the health, safety, and overall quality of life for all residents including: unwed mothers, teenage fathers, ex-offenders, disenfranchised seniors, underserved children, at-risk youth, recovering substance abusers, transient urban dwellers, and the hard to employ.


Restoring Individuals, Rebuilding Families, Revitalizing Communities .

  • R. Sherman McCathern

    I believe that by working hand-in-hand we can turn the tide and make our City a national model for urban revitalization. In the words of President Obama, “Yes, we can” make a difference in Flint! We must, with unison resolve, work to restore, rebuild, and revitalize our city by breaking generational barriers, reshaping communities and changing destinies.


    The nation is watching. God is watching. Our children are watching. Our future depends on it.