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4254 Cloverlane Dr.
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07/2018-Present ForeSee Results, Ann Arbor, MI
Senior Software Engineer

Develop Java 8 based RESTful web services using Spring MVC, Spring Data and Hibernate with Oracle.

Created new microservices using Spring Cloud, AWS SQS, S3, DynamoDB along with RxJava, Hystrix, Eureka.

Created storage backend for dashboards and cards configuration data.

Created generic CSV transform and export service to facilitate downloads in dashboards and reporting infrastructure.

06/2015-06/2017 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI
Senior Application Programmer/Analyst, Team Lead

Develop Java based RESTful web services using Spring MVC, Spring Data and Hibernate with PostgreSQL.

Assist with training on new technologies with team members.

Manage QA/testing environment and develop testing frameworks used by other developers. Create Selenium WebDriver based integration tests in Java and Karma based unit tests for AngularJS applications

System administration of FreeBSD, Linux and Windows based systems for use with web servers and continuous integration.

Assist with development and management of Amazon web services including CloudSearch, EC2, Route 53, Elasticache (redis) and RDS (MySQL, PostgreSQL).

Release engineering and management of continuous integration using Git on Bitbucket. Assist with Jira and Crucible.

Implemented website for Giving Blue Day 2015 using AngularJS, Spring Frameworks, PostgreSQL that served nearly 1000 concurrent users peak load and raised $4,361,327 with 6,927 donors.

Develop C# (.net 4.5) components and solutions on top of Blackbaud Fundraising software (BBIS), AngularJS, jQuery, and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for the Office of University Development, Web and Data Integration team.

Participate in agile development with Scrum.

11/2012-06/2015 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI
Senior Application Programmer/Analyst

Manage part-time developer.

Implemented website for Giving Blue Day 2014 using AngularJS, MVC and PostgreSQL that served 230 concurrent users through much of the day and raised 3.5 million in donations.

Develop Java based RESTful web services using Spring MVC, Spring Data and Hibernate with PostgreSQL.

Develop C# (.net 4) components and solutions on top of Blackbaud Fundraising software (BBIS), AngularJS, jQuery, and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for the Office of University Development, Web and Data Integration team.

Create unit tests with Selenium RC & WebDriver, Java with Junit, ant and maven, and Hudson/Jenkins for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Participate in agile development with Scrum.

Assist with deployment of services on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP environment.

Develop Java based application using Apache Click MVC, Velocity, elasticsearch, and Gson. Create front-end with AngularJS.

Created proof of concept ISAPI extension and filter for IIS in C++

Manage Ubuntu Linux servers running Apache Tomcat + HTTP, Git, Selenium, OpenCPU, and elasticsearch.

Responsible for migration of Subversion repositories to Git on Bitbucket. Moved projects from Unfuddle to Jira.

Assisted with porting an application from Java to NodeJS.

Replaced SQL based search on Michigan Online Giving with Amazon CloudSearch.

5/2011-10/2012 American Mathematical Society Ann Arbor, MI

Maintain existing applications in Perl, Mason, Ingres and PostgreSQL.

Maintain legacy C programs for Linux using Ingres.

Port MathSciNet from MySQL 4.1 to PostgreSQL 9.0.

Develop Java based tool to unit test web applications using Selenium and Apache Cayenne.

Tune existing data entry applications to handle the massive amount of data we’ve accumulated since they were written.

Migrate SCCS and RCS version control systems to GIT.

Develop new web applications in Perl, Mason and JQuery / JQuery UI.

12/2010-05/2011 Systems In Motion (now Nexient) Ann Arbor, MI
PHP Developer

Maintain inventory management system in Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL for online retailer client.

Assist with development of new shipment management logic for partners and clients.

AJAX based web application with prototype, custom PHP MVC system.

Implemented new customer claims system and UPS tracking number verification.

Develop software using Agile methods

Create bridge services between finance and warehouse departments.

11/2010-12/2010 Millennium Software, Inc. Southfield, MI
PHP Developer

LAMP Developer staffed at Systems In Motion developing inventory management software for their client.

12/2008-10/2010 PRIME research LP Ann Arbor, MI
Software Engineer

Develop customer portal using PHP, MySQL, jquery and Dojo.

Create custom media monitoring and article coding web application in Java using Click, Velocity, Cayenne (ORM), Dojo, Tomcat, and Netbeans.

Maintain FreeBSD and Linux development and production servers for custom applications, GIT repository and Joomla.

Develop Joomla extensions for client portals and maintain Joomla installations.

Create Java based newsletter creation and management tool to send HTML, text and PDF newsletters via e-mail to Fortune 500 clients.

Design custom Web 2.0 user interface for data entry using AJAX, JSON, and Dojo.

Assist with RSS mixing application in Java and CouchDB.

Manage US team of developers and IT staff.

09/2006-01/2009 Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, MI
Systems Administrator

Administer Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Windows 2003 servers for the computer science department.

Maintain Mac OS X and Windows XP desktops.

Support computer science students on various development environments including Xcode, Eclipse and Visual Studio.

09/2004-06/2006 Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, MI Mac Support Specialist

Administer Mac OS X servers and workstations for the Division of Student Affairs

Support users on MS Office, Adobe and Macromedia products, and specialized newspaper and radio station applications.

Assisted with support of Windows XP systems connected to Novell Netware and Groupwise.

01/2004-12/2004 Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, MI CAE Lab Technician

Assisted students with technical questions about various software packages, Windows, GNU/Linux and Solaris.

Enforced lab rules and regulations including tracking student usage of lab equipment, and closing duties.

02/2001-12/2004 Kate’s Kards, Inc. Kalamazoo, MI
Web Developer

Programmed e-commerce website from scratch using Visual Basic .NET, C#, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server

Maintained Windows 2000, 2003 servers and local network of Windows based PCs, FreeBSD mail and DNS servers.

06/1998–11/2000 Avalon Systems, Inc. Flint, MI
Systems Administrator, Web Designer

Maintained Windows NT 4 Servers

Network and security consulting

Responsible for design and maintenance of corporate web sites and web applications.

Designed web sites for clients

Created corporate Intranet with Active Server Pages technology.


2006-2008 Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, MI

B.S. in Computer Science

2001-2003 Kalamazoo Valley Community College Kalamazoo, MI

Associate of Arts Degree in Computer Science

Programming Languages

Java 8, JSP, Servlets, Velocity, Spring C & C++
Perl SQL
HTML, XHTML, XML & CSS JavaScript & VBScript
BSD Make Active Server Pages (ASP) / APSX
Bourne Shell PHP

Open Source

02/2006–Present MidnightBSD Lead Developer>

  • UNIX like operating system development in C
  • Porting applications to platform (mports)
  • Release engineering
  • Co-developed new package management system (mport), full text search tool (msearch)
  • Co-authored article for BSD Magazine, August 2010 “Introduction to MidnightBSD”
  • Authored “Activity in 0.4-CURRENT” news update for BSD Magazine, February 2011

12/2003–Present Just Journal Lead Developer

  • Java based open source blogging service
  • Windows C# (.NET) client
  • Gtk and CLI clients for Linux and BSD
  • Dashboard widget for OS X

2005–2008 FalckonET: Enemy Territory Game Mod Mac Developer

  • Ported game mod to Mac OS X (PPC)
  • Assisted with maintenance of e107 CMS based website

Tcsh & Perl

  • Ported to MidnightBSD

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