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Jodie Pearson
CSC 101 Development of fluency in Information Technology (IT) for productive use, designed to complement the student's areas of study. The relevance of IT and computing in daily life, emphasized through collaborative learning about such topics as image representation, high definition video transmission, digital voice encoding, MP3 files, identity protection for online shopping, data security in social networks, robotics, game and animation creation, virtual worlds. Introduction to programming using non-traditional, intuitive programming environments such as smartphones and LEGO Mindstorms.
AST 131 Origin and history of the Universe and formation of the Earth and solar system. Earth's properties compared with those of other planets. Properties of light and tools astronomers use. Laboratories feature planetarium visits and activities demonstrating astronomical phenomena.
GEO 151 Geophysical forces, processes and systems acting on or near the earth's surface. Physical geology, geomorphology, and hydrology including basic rocks and minerals, mountain building, flood frequency, and glaciation.