Jacob Gangl






University of Michigan-Flint, Mi                       September 2012 - Present

·         Major: Computer Science


Byron Area High School, Byron MI                                          May 2012

·         GPA: 3.75/ACT: 28




·         Proficient in C++, Java, JS, HTML, Mathematica, SQL

·         Proficient in Microsoft Office

·         Strong Team Player

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·         Goal Oriented and personally motivated

·         Independent thinker

·         Ability to maintain composure under pressure




Taco Bell                                                          June 2012 – Present

·         Ability to actively engage with customers and team members

·         Actively participates to ensure store/team goals

·         Provides team with a motivated atmosphere


Related Coursework

·         CSC 384 Database Design: Database systems concepts and architecture,

SQL overview, DDL queries

·         CSC 382 Software Engineering: Modeling techniques for development of large scale software systems

·         CSC 375 Data Structures: Development of data structures as abstract data types, broadens knowledge of a high-level language(C++)

·         CSC 335/336 Computer Networks I/II: Concepts of complex problems in computer networks, routing, connection management

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