Hailey Eshelman


Hey Guys!

This is the very first website I have ever created, oh my goodness! My name is Hailey, as you can see above, and I am a Junior in the Public Health Administration major here at UM-Flint. I am 23 years-old, I also have an older brother as well as an older sister and two younger sisters. I have a few pets: Rudy, who is a dog, and two cats, Ivy and Rocket. I go to school full-time right now and work part-time as a pharmacy technician. I'm so sorry guys, I feel kind of like a third grader telling you all this about myself (haha!), but I hope you enjoy my website!

Email: heshelma@umflint.edu

Links Page: Links.html

Final Project

Here is the link to my Final Project! I hope you enjoy it! Fitness and Nutrition Home.html

Date Started: March 22th, 2019
Date Revised: April 19, 2019