Frank Miskevich Dr. Frank Miskevich
assistant professor of biology

University of Michigan-Flint

(810) 762-0890

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Frank Miskevich


    My primary research interest is molecular neural development.  In particular, I am interested in the signaling pathways and gene activity which shapes the architecture of the brain.  My current focus is on the role of cilia and growth factors which control the formation of brain ventricles.  I use zebrafish as a model system, and we are making a series of genetically modified zebrafish to alter normal signaling pathways in the brain..
Current Teaching

        How I grade

        Bio-113 Principles of Biology

        Bio-326 Cell Biology

        Bio-483/583 Developmental Biology

        Bio-501 Current Topics in Cellular and Molecular Biology
GFP tadpole
Student Research Opportunities

Fish genetics and breeding

DNA recombination and molecular techniques

Flourescent imaging and image analysis

PCR with microarray construction and analysis
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