The Rowden Family

Our Family

Welcome to our site.  We are definitely different.  Hopefully we are "your cup of tea"!

Family members:

  • Parental Units:  John & Debi
  • Coneheads:  Stephanie, David, Tyler, & William
  • Married:  Megan & Nathan and Elliott
  • Owners of our hearts:  Angel, Betty Buttons, Miss Ellie, and Louie (from heaven)


Mr. Golf and Mr. Mom.  Stephanie's fishing and movie-watching buddy.  Trumpet-player extraordinaire!


Ms. Geek. Voracious reader, lives on "Earl Grey" tea and yoga.  Loves M&Ms.

Megan Rowden Potts:

The big sister who resides in the western Michigan area and sells cable TV ads.  Married to Nathan in November 2008.  Their house is patrolled by 2 black cats, Spooky and Izzy.  Megan is a wonderful wife to Nathan and Mom to Nathan's son, Elliott. 


Big little sis.  Her Dad's mini-me.  Plays trumpet in the marching & symphonic bands.  Imbibes coffee and Mountain Dew, Cheetos and Cheese-its.  Student driver who doesn't drive.  Plans to study art and music @ UM-Flint in fall 2009.


Mr. Basketball.  Perpetually tan with crazy hair.  In summer of 2004, shot a hole-in-one on number six at Copper Ridge.  Loves buffalo wings and spicy Taco Bell food.  Speaks with an accent like Vijay Singh.  Future business tycoon.


Soldier-boy in Michigan National Guard.  Has good hair and is a great cook.  Warning--has his driver's license.  Speaks in some type of made up language most of the time.  Plans to study criminal justice.


Has lots of curly hair to disguise his brain.  Loves fast food and energy drinks.  Another student driver who never drives. Plans to study Pre-Vet in college.


Age 12.  White with blue eyes.  Very petite.  Has a personality that sometimes bites.  Everybody kisses her.

Betty Buttons and Miss Ellie:

Adopted in November 2008 from the Humane Society.  Ellie is petite and Buttons is getting such a big tummy.


Age 4.  Looks like a tiger.  Has a big fat belly that drags on the floor when he walks. Sweet but naughty.  Loves only the (human) girl.  Sad news--Louie passed away on Thursday, February 15, 2007 due to cat food poisoning.  Louie's memorial page with pictures and tributes.