Mr. Clolinger

  Sixth Grade Social Studies

Bridgeport Middle School, Bridgeport, MI


Our Goal

The goal of the Social Studies Department at Bridgeport Middle School is to foster literacy and citizenship through the process of active participation in a democratic society.



The Bridgeport Middle School grades 6-8 Social Studies Curriculum is a comprehensive study of our community, nation and world that offers the skills and knowledge to thrive in an increasingly complex society.  Basic Social Studies classes include U.S. History, World Geography, Contemporary World Issues & Economics, and Civics.

Our curriculum is based on the Michigan Curriculum Framework Content Standards for Social Studies.

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No Homework Left Behind!

Did you miss a class because you were sick?  Had a Doctor's appointment?  Well, here is the spot where you can see what you missed.  You or your parents can even print out the assignment at home, complete it, and turn it in the next day you return.  Just click on the day to find out what we did during the week!


*Assignments are for the current week only, and assignments are not posted ahead of time.  For example, if the day is Monday, you cannot access Tuesday thru Friday's assignments ahead of time.  Conversely, if today is Friday, you may access the entire week's worth of assignments.  Previous week's schedules are cleared on Monday morning of the following week.  Older assignments must be retrieved from Mr. Clolinger in class.







Teacher Approved Cool Sites:

Discovery Channel                  Man vs. Wild                                        The Learning Channel

National Geographic               Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe                   MythBusters

PBS                                        Animal Planet :: Home Page                    State of Michigan - Students

American Museum of Natural History                                                         History Channel Classroom