Post-Graduate Work

Since completing my Master's degree I have taken a few graduate classes for professional development.

Composition Studies: Issues, Theory, and Research (Eng 876) Winter 2004
Michigan State University
Dr. Julie Lindquist
Jan. 12-May 3, 2004

Rhetorical Theory and the Teaching of Writing (Eng. 503) Winter 2003
Eastern Michigan University
Dr. Bernard Miller
Jan. 7-April 22, 2003

Computers and Writing: Theory and Practice (Eng. 516) Fall 2002
Eastern Michigan University
Dr. Steve Krause
Sept. 9-Dec. 16, 2002

Problems in Teaching English (Eng. 615) Summer 2002
Central Michigan University
Dr. John Dinan
June 24-July 31, 2002

Teaching Online Spring 2002
Learning Resources Network (LERN)
Mr. William A. Draves
April 22-26, 2002


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