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My name is Amber Villalpando and I am a music major here at the university as well as a minor in psychology. I play trumpet and I am in the Wind Symphony as well as a brass chamber ensemble at the University. What I want to get out of being here is to learn how to transpose music and have a further understanding of music in general. My goal is to improve my playing ability and be able to play at a higher level. I also want to be able to play in front of people and not be totally terrified. When I finish here, I want to go to Western Michigan University and get my Music Therapy Degree for my Masters. If I find out that Music Therapy isn't the best route for me, then I want to do music performance and maybe play in a professional orchestra someday. The reason why I chose this university is because they have a great music program and the campus is small so I wouldn't be considered just a number. I can also just drive everyday which is really nice. My accomplishments so far have been doing a few honors bands in high school, including the one that is held here at U of M Flint in December. I've also won the John Philip Sousa Award my junior year of high school. My interests involve playing the trumpet (obviously) as well as listening to music (also shocking). I also like to read in my spare time or even just going for a run if I happen to have time.


If you wish to contact me, my phone number is (810)-429-2704


Soundscape of Great Lakes Crossing

October 2019