The Console Wars of the past two gaming generations and the Companies behind them.

The Gaming Trinity:

The Big Three dominating companies are Sony, with the Playstation 3, Microsoft with the Xbox 360 and Nintendo with the Wii U

These three companies have been around for many many years, the oldest being Nintendo as they started with thier first console in 1977 with the Color TV Game, which was one of the only color gaming systems of the time, after that they moved on to the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES for short, and from thier grew into the Giant that we know today! Thier most current console, as of last decembers launch, is the Nintendo Wii U. The next company to come into the big spotlight came from Sony with thier first console the Playstation back in 1994, their most current console is the Playstation 3 which launched back in 2006. The latest and youngest, and arguably the strongest, contender to enter the "battleground" was Microsoft, the company who created the home computer, with their console the Xbox which was launched back in 2001, a mere 12 years ago. Their most current console to date is the Xbox 360.

Why Home Consoles?

Home Consoles such as the ones previously stated actually are the main form that individuals enjoy video games. Personal Computer of course came first but have a large finacial and knowledge barrier for entry for most people, where as consoles provide a high quality of entertainment at a much cheaper price and an easier to use interface, instead of a keyboard with its many buttons and possible configurations and the mouse people can use a controller with a few buttons and two joysticks. Honestly PC will always be superior because of its versatility and adaptability where as a console is stuck with the tech it was built with orgionally so they age quickly in the tech race which is why the Trinity, as I call them, try to make great leaps that would sustain them for many years to come.

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