Winter 2012 Schedule

csc 101 Development of fluency in Information Technology (IT) for productive use, designed to complement the studentís areas of study. The relevance of IT and computing in daily life, emphasized through collaborative learning about such topics as image representation, high definition video transmission, digital voice encoding, MP3 files, identity protection for online shopping, data security in social networks, robotics, game and animation creation, virtual worlds. Introduction to programming using non-traditional, intuitive programming environments such as smartphones and LEGO Mindstorms.
psych 100 Introduction to scientific study of behavior and mental processes; major concepts, theoretical perspectives, and research. Overview of the research process; how psychological questions are generated and studied; research and theory in subfields such as neuroscience, human development, learning, memory, thinking, motivation and individual differences. Open to all students. Graded ABCC-N.
UNV 100: Sites and Sounds of Africa This course is designed to introduce students to the university as an empowering academic environment. By creatively exploring the campus and local community, examing real world problems from an interdisciplinary perspective, engaging in critical thinking, and actively working to solve problems, students will discover the connectivity of knowledge and skills necessary in working toward achievement of their academic dreams. Graded ABCDN.

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